AIM is an anti-colonial, anti-ableist, feminist research lab working on issues of access, disability, environment and care through creative experimentation.

From our members

Award Announcement: Alison Piepmeier Prize

Congratulations to AIM Lab Director, Arseli Dokumaci, Winner of the 2023 Alison Piepmeier Prize, presented by the National Women’s Studies Association.

Award Announcement: Engage Program

Arseli Dokumaci and Emery Vanderburgh have been awarded their second year of funding for the “Action Phase” of their project “Dismantling societal stigma around disability: How can plant mutations allow us to reimagine disability as a valuable form of biodiversity?" through the Programme Engagement from the Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ).

Award Announcement: World Press Photo

AIM Resident, Zied Ben Romdhane was announced the winner of the World Press Photo 2024 Photo Contest, Africa, Long-Term Projects, for his photo The Escape.

Coming Up from AIM

A greyed-out iris flower covering the entire page, against a dark green background. With its letters in green, except the parts where they touch the flower, and turn pink, the words “Reading”, “for,” “Palestine” vertically divide the poster in three.

Reading for Palestine

Reading for Palestine is a collaborative, long-term initiative where readers from AIM, their kin and invitees volunteer their time and voice to read for Palestine from a collection of texts and media for as short or as long as they are able. These recordings, their transcripts, and a collectively curated reading list will be available on […]
Image Description : Poster for Reading for Palestine with Sawsan Faqqua (Iris haynei) – an endemic species to Palestine. Poster design by Roï Saade.
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