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AIM member Dresda Mendez receives an award

Dresda’s doctoral supervisor, Dr. Rosa Medina Doménech, holds Dresda’s diploma and her book “Estados Morbidos”. She is seated in front of other people in the convocation hall.

On January 11, 2023 our postdoctoral fellow Dresda Méndez was awarded for her outstanding doctoral dissertation in the Vice-Rectorate for Equality, Inclusion and Sustainability at the University of Granada. Her dissertation explores the contemporary ways in which disability operates within neoliberalism by offering a situated and detailed analysis of how women with fibromyalgia in rural Spain navigate systemic violence and persistent misogyny and exploitation. Through rich visual collaborative ethnography (photovoice) and provocative case studies, Dresda offers an in-depth analysis of the politics of extraction and exhaustion directed towards disabled bodies while making a significant contribution to the study of disability creativity, endurance, and survival.  

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