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Anti-Colonial Reporting

Working to ground our values of Humility, Accountability, and Relationality, the AIM Lab periodically produces what we’re calling Anti-Colonial Reports. These “reports” are a collection of writings and media that aim to “report back” to the communities to whom we wish to be accountable – namely the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation on who’s unceded territory the AIM Lab and Concordia University occupy. As a consortium of scholars and artists with far-reaching ties, our gratitude for Land and Water stewardship extends to Indigenous communities local to the region(s) in which we are situated across Turtle Island [the continent] and globally. We offer this as a model for other institutions who claim and aim to engage in the work of de/anti-colonial research to use this as a method for evaluation, reflection, and goal alignment. We gladly invite any comments or feedback you may have on this process or any of our activities.  

Downloadable report for 2021-2022 is forthcoming.