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Canada’s young caregivers are an invisible, and increasingly strained, safety net for an aging society

Zosia Bielski

In this photo, Nicholas Goberdhan stands against a concrete wall that is lined with spray paint art. Nicholas is a Brown-skinned man with long curly black hair that runs across his face. He is wearing a large, golden-brown-tinted aviator framed glasses, two nose rings on each nostril, and lip ring on the centre of his bottom lip. Nicholas has a medium sized black beard with a moustache, and is wearing a smooth-slim fitting black leather jacket. This photograph is found on the web article, and was taken by Christinne Muschi.

AIM Lab’s Core Member, Nicholas Goberdhan, has been interviewed and featured in an article written in the Globe and Mail:

Written by Zosia Bielski, this article explores the lived realities of young carers in Canada, a research topic and lived experience of Nicholas Goberdhan’s research. Nicholas was interviewed by Zosia to recall on experiences he had growing up with a disabled family member, and in this article, shared are the thought processes that he went through, but also, millions of Canadians across the country experience. For more information on Nicholas’ work, see: /