Access in the Making Lab is an experimental research hub dedicated to access, disability and affordances

An anti-colonial, anti-ableist, feminist research lab focused on issues of access, disability, and environmental justice.

Not an access service provider.

  • Develop a series of protocols (e.g. Event Organization Protocol, Communication Protocol) that would enable us to operate as an anti-colonial, anti-ableist, feminist research lab.
  • Engage in access through a creative, critical and intersectional approach to access. (See, for example, our recent exhibition Audio description in the Making. This exhibition involves a video lecture on Introduction to Audio Description by Thomas Reid and Cheryl Green. If you are new to audio description and want to learn more, then this video-lecture is a great resource!)
  • Generate knowledge that is based on the lived experiences and expertise of disabled people (see, for instance, our lab members’ publications and other dissemination activities).
  • AIM Lab does not offer services for making [an event, a project, any initiative, etc.] accessible.
  • AIM Lab does not conduct access audits. It does not assess the accessibility of your [x] and give recommendations on how you can improve the accessibility of your [x].
  • AIM Lab does not retrofit access to a project that has already begun without access in mind.
  • Spread the joy of practicing access.
  • AIM does not claim to be the experts on access (Far from it. We try and experiment, and we may sometimes fail, and that is OK.)
  • AIM does not offer trainings on access.
  • AIM is not here to teach you about access. If you wish to learn more about access and disability justice, we recommend that you look at the publicly available resources that we provide on our websites and that you take on doing the access work yourself and spread the joy!

Want to collaborate with AIM?

Thank you for thinking of AIM and your interest in collaborating with us. We have a protocol for collaborations (forthcoming) which applies to our review of the requests we receive. We invite you to have a look at our collaboration protocol first in order to better understand whether your request fits within our principles for collaboration, and if it does, what the next steps are (for example, signing a Memorandum for Understanding, which is available on our website).

Please be advised that at AIM, we value process, reciprocity, and building relationships over time in any collaboration.  For us, collaboration means that AIM is invited to the collaboration from the beginning and on equal terms with other collaborators.

We refuse to be part of projects, events, initiatives, etc. that have already begun without us unless there were understandable barriers.