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Paper Jams

Jams… Some are spreadable, some involve dance moves, but at the AIM Lab, our paper jams are the perfect combination of community feedback for our brilliant authors that are looking to publish their work! During select Mondays, one of our community members will share their manuscripts that is undergoing the publication process, to which the rest of the AIM Lab will read, analyze, and provide feedback.

Illustration by Emery Vanderburgh of an open book comprising various alternative media in its pages including an e-reader, paper, audio, and braille.

On January 31st, we had our recent jam session for our core member, Prakash Krishnan, in his work titled: “Visualizing Diasporic Identity in South Asian Instagram Community Archives.” What began as a conversation on areas of improvement for Prakash’s work, unfolded into a shared area of inspiration. The profoundness of Prakash’s work unveiled points of learning for everyone at the AIM Lab, and fostered an opportunity of mutual growth. In the past, we have “jammed-out” to our very own Sabrina Ward-Kimola and Raphaëlle Bessette-Viens work, and we will be rocking the house in many more sessions as our community continues to grow!