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AIM Writes: Co-authored AIM Publication

In this experimental piece, we – the core members of the Access in-the-making Lab – explore how each of us come to encounter issues of access within the specificities of the material/social spaces we live in at major Canadian cities. Our collective autoethnography, composed of six experiences, seeks to reflect both the heterogeneity of disability, and how people are dis/abled in “endless different and quite specific ways”[1], especially so under the contingencies of crisis.   

Our article is accepted for publication in the Space and Culture Journal’s upcoming special issue “Dis-abling Spaces and Cultures in Times of Crisis” edited by Michael Schillmeier. 

[1] Law, John, and Ingunn Moser. “Good Passages, Bad Passages.” The Sociological Review 47, no. 1_suppl (1999): 196–219.