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Constructing the Flesh: Discourses of Gender and Disability in Performance in Mexico

Constructing the Flesh: Discourses on Gender and Disability in Performance in Mexico: In this live event hosted by the AIM Lab (Access in the Making) at Concordia and the Hemispheric Encounters Partnership (SSHRC), Grant Co-Investigator Kim Sawchuk (Concordia professor), Collaborator director Juan Carlos Saavedra, choreographer Stephanie Sherman,  the blind actors of Teatro Ciego and graduates of the Centro Universitario de Teatro of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) presented and discussed three performance works that question gender and disability constructs in Mexico: 1) The film of Construyendo la carne (2018): A dance-theater piece in collaboration with the UNAM and Teatro Ciego as part of Dr. Stephanie Sherman’s Postdoctoral Fulbright Award; 2) Caída Libre: A video dance piece created during the pandemic.; 3) Construyo mi carne: 6 live short monologues on gender and identity by the members of Construyendo la carne.