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Paper Jams

An image of a paper stuck in a printer

Do you have a paper stuck in the middle of writing process (aka, writer’s block)? And need help figuring things out?  

You have some ideas, but you aren’t so sure what to do with them? And you’d appreciate some like-minded thinkers to think aloud with you?  

You wanna workshop a project, event, or collaboration idea?  

Or you are simply bored, and you don’t wanna think, write, create alone?  

Then Paper Jams is for you!  

Paper jams are improvisational collective thinking sessions organized on a need basis. The sessions are directed at AIM members to brainstorm together. The sessions can be for a paper that has “jammed”, and needs feedback to move on, for a work in progress, or for an entirely new idea. The Sessions will provide a non-hierarchical forum for sharing, testing, workshopping and peer-review, which will be of particular benefit to graduate students and their training. 

The material to be jammed (whether it is an article in progress or just some lingering ideas) should be sent to the AIM Steering Committee at least two weeks prior to the paper jam session so that all SC member have enough time to engage with the work beforehand.

Those who have their materials jammed at a paper jam session should acknowledge the support of AIM Lab in any outputs that would emerge from those materials.

If you would like to request a paper jam session, please email info [at] accessinthemaking [dot] ca.